Ethan Bondelid
Ethan’s an entrepreneur through-and-through. He’s got that hungry zest that keeps his mind ticking & conceptuallizing. His brain was created to birth an idea, build it out, assemble a team, and then move onto the next passion project. Whether it be a zany basement tiki bar, a Vespa-fitted pizza spot, or a bustling Old Market hair salon, the common thread throughout all his businesses reveals a deep truth about Ethan: he’s really just a big kid who wants to turn the world into an adult playground.

Brent Crampton
Brent started off by making the foolish decision to DJ at the age of 17, which a decade and a half later somehow wound him in an office tower in Midtown Omaha working on fun & creative projects. The road in-between is filled with helping shape parts of Omaha’s culture through producing events, owning/operating nightlife establishments, & intersecting/promoting differing social pockets & artful talent from around the city. Through that process Brent took a liking to amplifying, wordsmith’ing & simplifying messages down into digestible bites suitable for social media consumption. In other words, he’s our Marketing Director and you’ll probably be receiving a targeted advertising message from him soon.

Susan Bondelid
Susan is a modern day jack-of-all-trades with emphasis in the Heimlich maneuver and paperwork. Since House of Loom’s inception in 2011, she’s been handling all of the historically “boring” work of bookkeeping/payroll/office management, turning it into the sexy beast it is now. She graduated as valedictorian from high school, cum laude from Creighton with two bachelors’ degrees, and semi-retired from the Air Force as a Captain. Former roles include: bartending for six months at Loom, editing a regional nursing newsletter (winning a national prize) and Cat Lady. Susan loves bloody marys, her swanky new office, quirky people, and not waking up at 5 in the morning.

Jocelyn Wiser
Jocelyn Wiser is the Division Director/Pin-up Darling/Selfie Queen at Maven Social Group, overseeing the operations and management of each company. With fifteen years of experience in the service industry, Jocelyn has done everything from hosting to bartending to corporate training, to management, utilizing her Bachelor's degree in English not even a little bit. Jocelyn’s job is to make sure that each individual ecosystem is running smoothly, implement budget and inventory systems, maintain a solid management staff, and basically poke people with sticks until things get done. When she’s not at work, she’s probably eating gluten-free pizza, drinking red wine, living the mom/wife life, and playing slot machines on her phone, because she’s secretly 70 years old.